Streamline the Meeting Process with Agenda & Minutes Management

Every local government has an official record keepers of community data. Simplify your work life and one of your most time-consuming tasks with our Agenda & Minutes Management Tools! Save time and paper and increase your efficiency by automating the agenda and minutes process. All while providing convenient digital access for Public Users (i.e., citizens).


FrontDesk from gWorks includes an easy-to-use Agenda & Minutes builder to digitize and streamline the record keeping process. Save time usually spent re-typing information, scanning documents, and making the minutes available to the public. With FrontDesk’s Agenda & Minutes Management, it’s easy to create new files for agendas and populate them with information for your next meeting.

What Your Agendas & Minutes Could Look Like

We recognize the time and resource limitations municipal employees face. You work hard to deliver vital services to citizens while juggling a wide variety of tasks. One of the most vital and time-consuming aspects of this job is the preparation and documentation of Council and Board meetings. Preparing agendas, gathering the necessary documentation, recording minutes, obtaining necessary approval from council members, and publishing minutes can take days, or even weeks, every month. Relying on paper-based processes isCapture inconvenient, error-prone, and time-consuming.

  • Imagine the convenience of having a simpler meeting process and getting more time to work on critical tasks. 40% of municipal employees say the biggest challenge they face is lack of resources (source); they are being asked to do more with less.
  • 31% of municipal employees cited record management as the task they spend the most time on and 61% still felt like it wasn’t enough time (source).

Not only does the Agenda & Minutes builder make it easy to create Agendas and log Minutes, but you can also make that information accessible to the public through FrontDesk with the click of a mouse. Public Users want access to records and should be given the opportunity to review decisions made affecting public funding. View Published Minutes Example Here.

In this digital era, access and transparency are more important than ever. Boost your citizen engagement and streamline your minutes and agendas process with FrontDesk today!