HR Hub: Reduced Steps for Time Savings

When it comes to managing your Agency’s finances, paying employees correctly and on time is usually a top priority. 82 million U.S. employees — or 54% of the American workforce — are affected by payroll problems. (source) The same survey found that 49% of workers would begin a new job search after only two issues with their paycheck. Payroll errors can cause the kind of anxiety and uncertainty that might drive workers to look elsewhere for work. This places a lot of pressure on you - the person responsible for Payroll! Having a simple and streamlined solution can give you the confidence of knowing Payroll gets done correct and on time.

gWorks’ new HR Hub, featuring Payroll and TimeTracker, provides a modern and intuitive way to pay your employees. This new HR Hub will replace the existing SimpleCity Payroll Module. The new Payroll Cloud will be simpler and more streamlined, saving you time and reducing the stress and anxiety that surrounds every payday. Just how much time will it save you?

Simplified Payroll Processing in HR Hub

Current Payroll vs New Payroll Cloud

Watch a Payroll Run in HR Hub!

Processing Payroll through the SimpleCity Desktop module can involve upwards of 30 steps and may take a full day, or even two, to complete. Between backing up your data, tedious data entry one employee at a time, reviewing reports, and then repeating some of these processes multiple times, Payroll can be cumbersome and time-consuming. And if you miss a step or find an error, you have to revert to your backup and start over.

With gWorks’ new cloud-based Payroll, you can complete Payroll in just 5 steps (give or take depending on your processes and whether you have TimeTracker)!

  1. Choose the pay frequency and input your pay period and dates
  2. Enter hours worked and time off for all employees on one screen
  3. Click Calculate Pay
  4. Review for errors and correct individual employees as needed
  5. Process payments.

It’s that easy. We’ve automated a lot of the previously manual processes and we’ve put it all together in a simple and streamlined process.

And if you utilize TimeTracker, an optional add-on, you’ll reduce the time it takes to process Payroll even more! TimeTracker eliminates the need to enter hours worked for hourly employees. Approved time off will populate automatically. Not to mention no more need to chase down and manually input hours from paper timesheets.

With the new HR Hub and Payroll Cloud, you’ll get the same outcome of paying your employees correctly but in fewer steps, less time, and with less stress.


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