Video: Your Government's Virtual FrontDesk

City Hall, especially in a small to mid-sized cities, can be a place of repeated interruptions and countless tasks that overwhelm your workdays. Working to balance internal priorities while still providing great customer service can be difficult, but you shouldn't have to choose one over the other.

FrontDesk is an exciting new cloud-based solution that offers smaller local governments like yours a Virtual FrontDesk with a variety of modern and convenient features for both you and the residents you serve.

With FrontDesk, your customers will have the ability to make online utility payments. You and your staff will have the ability to send email and text notifications to your customers for notices, like shut-off notifications or emergency messages. With the Agenda & Minutes builder, you can manage and publish meeting documentation. With the Forms Builder, you can create forms for residents to fill out and submit online, such as pet licenses or permits. With customer management, you can quickly and easily access customer account information and history. Plus with reports and dashboards, you will gain insights into how your government is performing. FrontDesk also includes 311 Citizen Requests & a Website Builder as optional features.


In this video, you'll hear from Joe Heieck, gWorks President & CEO, as he shares details about the recent release of FrontDesk.

What you'll learn:

  • How to provide convenience and modern accessibility for your citizens
  • How to empower your operations using this simple and time-saving toolkit
  • How to improve the self-serve options you offer to your customers
  • Plus much more!


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