County Spotlight: Saunders County, Nebraska

Have YOU used gWork’s Land Use Calculator? The Land Use Calculator is a powerful GIS tool created to save Assessors time.  With a few clicks, this tool calculates the acreage of each land use, soil, and LCG combination within a parcel. The result is a breakdown of both the GIS acres and the Deeded acres for each combination that can then be entered into a County’s CAMA database to value land.

Rhonda Andresen, Saunders County Assessor/Register of Deeds, and Mickenzie Thompson, Deputy Assessor share how their team uses the Land Use Calculator to save “countless hours”.

When a new deed is received by the Assessor team, the Saunders County Assessor’s team immediately submits a ticket to the gWorks support team through the Client Portal requesting the related change to the GIS. The gWorks support team fulfills the request by completing the split, combination, or other changes in the GIS. Once the update is complete and live on the Saunders County WebGIS, they then use the Land Use Calculator on that parcel and enters in the deeded acre values into their CAMA. This ensures the county is ready for their valuation process.

Mickenzie also shared another way their team uses the Land Use Calculator to save time and increase their responsiveness to the Saunders County residents. Splitting off parts of parcels for land sales is common. The county often receives calls from citizens or other entities such as banks or real estate agents calling on behalf of citizens who are interested in purchasing parts of parcel. In those cases, their team can provide immediate assistance over the phone (no call back needed!) by using the “draw polygon method” in the Land Use Calculator to simulate the parcel split or combine to give the values needed. By using this method, Assessors can draw out an estimated parcel or part of a parcel to get the same breakdown and therefore estimate the value of that parcel.

“This is a great time saver and valuable to the folks who call into the office.  With one phone call, We can handle their request.”

Have any questions about the land-use calculator? Please reach out to Fletcher McMeen, gWorks Client Success Manager dedicated to counties, with any questions. He can be reached at or 402-436-2150. Or for more information, check out our articles on Using the Land Use Calculator Tool and Valuing Ag Land in Nebraska.