Video: FrontDesk Success Stories

Hearing from others in local government about the software they use in their cities is a great way to help you learn about new solutions available. Recently we sat down with a few gWorks clients, and FrontDesk users, and asked them about the local government advantages of this powerful software.

FrontDesk is an exciting new cloud-based solution that offers smaller local governments like yours a Virtual FrontDesk with a variety of modern and convenient features for both you and the residents you serve.

In this video, you'll hear directly from individuals just like yourself as they discuss how they found success with FrontDesk.

You'll learn about these key topics:

    • Time Savings: How FrontDesk has saved hours each month by eliminating or reducing routine tasks
    • Improved Customer Service: Offering expanded self-serve options produces happier customers
    • Implementation: Getting FrontDesk set up and incorporated into your day-to-day
    • Citizen (Public User) Adoption: Tactics used to encourage sign ups and ramp up usage
    • Securing Internal Buy-in: How to get others, including Leadership, on board
    • Plus much more!