A Paperless Solution to Forms Management

In this day and age, citizens want convenience and digital access to your municipality. That includes the ability to quickly and easily submit forms directly to their government for review and approval. FrontDesk enables you to offer a modern digital platform for your citizens to fill out and submit forms online, including options such as electronic signatures and online payments for added convenience. 

Create and Process Time-Saving Online Forms with Ease!

With Forms Builder, it’s easy to create a variety of forms and make them available online through FrontDesk. Forms can include any sort of written request for review or approval, from Pet Licenses to Construction Permits. Citizens can fill out, submit, and pay for forms online – all without leaving the comfort of their own home, using any paper, or having direct contact with city staff. City staff can immediately access the submitted forms online for faster processing. 

Manage all forms in one location and follow your internal processes for reviewing and approving forms. You can even design an approval workflow for each form. The online repository of forms makes it easy to find what you need, when you need it.

Forms Builder is flexible so you can create and publish any forms you want available for online access. Just add the 

Man filling out form on his tablet while at home

information fields you want to collect along with details specific to your city. Include optional fees, file uploads, and digital signatures for a truly paperless workflow.

Many Clerks say responding to public questions is their single most time-consuming task (source). It’s no surprise that managing and responding to form requests can be a burden. With Forms Builder, we help you bring modern technology to your residents while increasing transparency and reaching more people.

In addition to saving time, streamlining the process for managing citizen requests will reduce phone calls and eliminate the needs for City Hall visits. Process forms faster while providing responsive and reliable service for your citizens.