Video: Accelerate Your Physical Asset Management Journey

Physical Asset Management is relatively new for small to mid-sized cities, and Public Works and Utility departments are often overloaded and overextended.

SimpleCity Physical Asset Management (PAM) software and Enhanced Consulting services from gWorks are here to help.

Our Enhanced Consulting services can help you see results fast by providing access to our expertise for the best practices in executing physical asset management with SimpleCity Physical Asset Management and receiving additional data maintenance support.

This extra boost will maximize the value you get from the asset related layers in SimpleCity Physical Asset Management software and empower you to get the most out of your city's commitment to, and investment in, asset and risk management.

In the Video You Will Learn:

  • What SimpleCity Physical Asset Management (PAM) is and how it can help you and your city
  • How PAM will increase awareness and help you make smart, data-led decisions
  • How the City of Wahoo, NE increased the success of their physical asset management program
  • How to accelerate impactful usage of SimpleCity Physical Asset Management

At gWorks, we have the software solutions, professional services, and expertise to help you every step of the way on your Physical Asset Management journey. Connect with an expert today!


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