Transforming the Local Government Experience

As a small town government official, you understand the importance of keeping up with the times. The modern world revolves around digital channels, and residents and business owners are demanding the same from their local government. While failure to modernize may not have an immediate impact on citizen satisfaction, it can pose significant challenges in the future. Legacy processes, disparate systems, and siloed technology have hampered local government's progress, but it's time to find integrated and connected technologies to make tasks easier for staff and give residents more control over their interaction with their government.

Why Now?

Residents expect a digital channel to city hall, and connecting public-facing technology to the back office makes it easier for them to self-serve and complete payments, forms, and other tasks. Implementing a system like gWorks reduces the time it takes to process requests and transactions, communicate with residents, and promote efficiency within city hall. It also allows for a higher level of in-person service for more complex needs.

Using gWorks, you seamlessly connect the back office of city hall to resident-facing technology, digitizing billing and payments, moving PDF forms online, improving website organization, and integrating communication tools. gWorks eliminates the need for duplicate work by staff and creates a more enjoyable resident experience.

Will my residents use this technology?

Yes! One of the most common concerns we hear is "I don't think my residents will use this technology". Data from communities using gWorks shows that this is not the case. gWorks has nearly 38,000 residents using the platform, and since August of 2021 that has increased by over 500%! Additionally, 40% of gWorks customers have expanded their user base at least once, and 20% have expanded multiple times. Start small and grow as your community demand grows; gWorks makes it easy to start and manage.

The future for connected technology at gWorks is bright. Transform your local government experience today. Connect with one of our experts to find out how.